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League of Legends: How to maximize Veigar, runes, items in Season 12

If you are an OG League of Legends player, you must have heard or used Veigar as your champion.

Veigar was released way back in 2009 and after all these years, the mid-lane mage has been consistently known as a high-dealing damage champion. As we are entering halfway through Season 12, here are some tips and tricks on how to use Veigar to its utmost potential, according to Dexerto.

Veigar’s story

From its appearance alone, Veigar may look small and unintimidating but don’t judge a book only from its cover. In fact, Veigar is one of the strongest beings in Runeterra. He masters dark sorcery and constantly pushes yordle magic to its limits.

Mordekaiser even acknowledged Vaigar’s powerful ability when his army was trying to invade Runeterra. Mordekaiser captured and tortured Veigar so he could not escape Bandle City.

Veigar gameplay, abilities

Veigar possesses massive amounts of damage and also a crowd-control ability. His main spell is Baleful Strike (Q), together with his passive, Phenomenal Evil Power, which gives him the permanent ability power to attack opponents with spells.

Veigar is typically quite weak in the early game, so you should stack as much AP as possible so Vaigar will be quite stronger during the mid and late stages of the game.

Another important spell is Event Horizon (E) which has the ability to summon a huge cage that stuns opponents who want to pass through it. A combination of Event Horizon and Dark Matter (W), which creates an enormous dark matter and deploys it to a particular location after a delay, is crucial to burst down opponents.

Veigar’s ultimate Primordial Burst (R) deals massive single-target damage and the damage is based on the target’s missing health. Primordial Burst works very well in finishing low-health targets, so keep Primordial Burst until the last moment you are about to kill the opponent’s champion.

Q: Baleful Strike — Veigar releases a bolt of dark energy that adds magic damage to the first two enemies hit. Units killed by this bolt give Veigar some ability power permanently.

Passive: Phenomenal Evil Power — Veigar’s passive ability, striking an opponent’s Champion with a spell or scoring a takedown gives Veigar permanently increased Ability Power.

W: Dark Matter — Veigar summons a huge mass of dark matter to the specific target location, adding magic damage when it hits the ground. Phenomenal Evil decreases Dark Matter’s cooldown.

E: Event Horizon — Veigar rips the edges of space, dropping a cage that stuns enemies that are trying to pass through.

R: Primordial Burst — Target the enemy champion with a blast, dealing massive magic damage, increasing based on the opponent’s missing health.

Top builds for Veigar in Season 12

Veigar is very effective with a combination of his ability power and HP items. Focusing on utility mage items should be the priority to help him stack his passive.

To achieve this, search for Mythic item Everfrost. After you are done with Everfrost, now switch to Rabadon’s Deathcap and Sorcerer’s Shoes for maximum damage. Since Phenomenal Evil and Baleful Strike stacks ability are infinite, Deathcap is the best option to abuse that AP.

Adding a few tank items never hurts to help Veigar survive such as Force of Nature and Anathema’s Chains.

Best meta builds for Veigar in Season 12

– Mythic: Everfrost

– Boots: Sorcerer’s Shoes / Ionian Boots of Lucidity

– Starting Item: Corrupting Potion / Doran’s Ring

– Rabadon’s Deathcap

– Dead Man’s Plate (into high AD)

– Force of Nature (into high AP)

– Anathema’s Chains

– Void Staff

– Mejai’s Soulstealer

Top runes for Veigar

Runes work best for Veigar to give him the ability to make decent amounts of gold, alongside increasing his damage.

First, search for the Electrocute rune. You can get it from the Domination tree. This will give access to helpful secondary runes like Eyeball Collection, Taste of Blood, and Treasure Hunter. Electrocute rune also gives you an extra boost for your spell combo.

After that, continue to the Inspiration tree and take Magic Footwear and either Future’s Market or Biscuit Delivery.

Veigar’s best meta runes in Season 12

– Electrocute

– Taste of Blood

– Eyeball Collection

– Treasure Hunter

– Magical Footwear

– Biscuit Delivery