Bet on the League of Legends Worlds 2019 Semifinals This Weekend

The most important League of Legends tournament of the year is slowly but surely approaching its inevitable conclusion. Two Chinese teams are in a race for the final, while the top two favourites are scheduled to play a fantastic semifinal on Sunday. The winner of that match will have the first chance to lift the trophy in Paris, but the two teams from China have the quality to challenge their favourite status.

Here’s our top pick where to place your LoL Worlds 2019 Semifinals bets:

Invictus Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix: All-Chinese Semifinal

Invictus Gaming have alternated disappointing results with amazing performances during the regular season of the LPL. They were the verge of missing a chance to defend the trophy won last year, but won the decisive matches and got back into the spotlight. Bookmakers didn’t credit them with much of a chance to win the competition and by simply making it to the semifinals, they’ve exceeded expectations.

Experience in the decisive phase of the tournament and the sheer quality of their roster has led to a dramatic change in the LoL Worlds betting odds on Invictus Gaming. Rookie was amazing throughout the tournament and the South Korean will lock horns with his formidable countryman. The duel with Doinb on mid promises to be epic and its outcome will likely determine the name of the qualifying team.


An equally exciting battle will take place on the top lane, where TheShy and GimGoon will try to determine who is the best South Korean playing for a Chinese team. FunPlus Phoenix was the dominant force in the domestic championship on the LPL, but in this match, it is credited with the second chance by Buff.bet.

Their victory is priced at 11/10, while those who bet on the reigning champions can expect odds of 7/10. This series has the potential of requiring 5 games and it is unlikely to be decided in 3 matches.

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G2 Esports and SKT 1 Promise an Explosive LoL Worlds 2019 Semifinal

G2 Esports and SKT 1 have emerged right from the start of the League of Legends Worlds Championship as the main favourites to lift the tournament (read also our Complete Guide to LoL Worlds Betting) .

Bookmakers couldn’t decide which team is better, so while Arcanebet regarded G2 Esports at the top favourite, other sports books preferred South Korea Telecom.

Had these teams avoided each other until the final act of the tournament, there was a strong chance for them to play in Paris for the coveted trophy.

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G2 Esports are famous for their aggressive style of playing and the uncanny ability to overwhelm foes within the first 20 minutes. They are absolutely dominant in Europe and usually steamroll past other teams, but this series promises to be different.


They will face an opponent that commits few mistakes and knows how to handle pressure across the map. One of the biggest concerns for G2 Esports fans is that they are not used to really long matches against teams of the same caliber. This explains why the odds offered by Unikrn on them to win stand at 7/5 ahead of the semifinal.

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South Korea Telecom is the best-known League of Legends team in the world and the one that has won the most trophies on the international stage. Faker is their strongest player and a true legend of this multiplayer online battle arena game, with more than 100 international victories.

SKT has committed few mistakes throughout the tournament and the team is famous for efficiently defending the slightest leads. They’ve got an exceptionally strong jungler and a powerful bottom lane so they won’t be outgunned anywhere by G2 Esports. They are yet to lose back-to-back games and are priced at 1/2 to reach the final.

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Bet in Advance on the LoL Worlds 2019 Outright Winners

The League of Legends schedule for the world championship has deprived the fans of a chance to witness a G2 Esports vs SKT final in Paris. This doesn’t make the semifinal any less exciting and regardless of what Chinese team qualifies, the LPL representative will put up a strong fight.

Punters can already bet on the outright winner, as well as the region that will produce the latest LoL Worlds champions. The LPL has two teams still in the race, which explains why it is credited with the first chance and odds of 13/10.

SKT are currently priced at 7/5 to win the tournament and not surprisingly, punters get the same odds on the LCK region to prevail.

Keep in mind that many bookmakers offering Esports make the mistake of offering different odds for the winning region and the team. When it comes to Europe and South Korea, these should be identical since each region has a single team in the race. By paying attention to these details, punters can lock in on top odds without taking additional chances.


Nothing prevents punters who play the long game to also take advantage of the fleeting opportunities of LoL World Championship live betting. Leading bookmakers such as Rivalry allow players to bet on League of Legends matches in real-time at competitive odds. It is possible to place your bets between games and even while the matches are underway, to cash in on the ample swings.

Teams such as G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix are famous for starting games fast and furious, so it is worth betting on them to secure early objectives. SKT and Invictus Gaming are the exact opposite and they tend to perform better in mid and late game, so they can be trusted to recover after poor starts. Veteran punters and experienced League of Legends players can use this knowledge to maximize the return on investment while betting on the LoL Worlds semifinals and finals.