Esports Fantasy LCS – A Comprehensive Guide for 2020 for all League of Legends players

Fantasy sports have survived the online gambling revolution and lost none of their shine after all these years. Not surprisingly, the advent of electronic sports didn’t go unnoticed and the industry was quick to incorporate the most popular videogames. Today, it is possible to play fantasy League of Legends (Riot Games’ flagship title) and put your game knowledge to the test in a competitive arena.

Strengths and Weaknesses:
DraftKings for Fantasy esports:

Strengths & Weaknesses
  • DraftKings enjoys an excellent reputation and provides a legal and secure fantasy esports environment
  • Players can sign up for an account for free and qualify for esports fantasy bonuses
  • Allowing fans to play fantasy baseball, football, ice hockey & more games
  • League of Legends is the only esports currently on offer, but more are expected to follow (inc. Teamfight Tactics)

Fantasy League of Legends

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How does Esports Fantasy LCS Work?

Players begin by creating their own LCS fantasy league with up to eight teams or by joining one, if they receive such an invitation from a friend. Once the league is operational, its owners can send invitation links to friends and fellow players to compete in the current season of the LCS. Intuitive tools and a reliable league message board can be used to coordinate the draft time with other participants.

Once a team has been created and players belong to a LCS fantasy league, it is time to move on to the next step, which consists of drafting the team. There are seven starting positions, including the classic top and mid laners, jungler, AD carry and support, as well as a flex player, and one Team. Each team can also have a number of alternate players, which can start the game instead of a regular member. Fantasy LCS allows players to have a maximum of two players occupying the same position, so picks must be carefully distributed. Our Draftkings review and its associated playbook can help you make the right choices.


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Those who also play the game competitively won’t be surprised to discover that fantasy league gives them one minute to make each pick before the game. An important stage of any daily fantasy competition is the draft phase, during which participants select the players on each position. Setting the roster is the most important action and fantasy LCS allows players to make changes at the beginning of each week. Players from each region are usually locked whenever matches begin for that region, so timing is important. In this regard, fantasy esports are challenging and reward fast execution more than classic fantasy sports.

Getting the Upper Hand over Rivals

Fantasy LCS is every bit as competitive as the real thing, so players need to be well informed to have a chance at winning the championship. One can add and drop players based on how the professional gamers and the NA LCS teams compete in Spring 2020, but also to respond to any shifting positions. Multi-eligible players are allowed to start a fantasy league in any of the positions they occupy in real life. The fact that players can watch the games as they unfold, helps them make an educated decision when picking players.

Fantasy LCS 2020

Scoring is a key part of the esports fantasy race, and at the beginning of each week, players receive points based on the performance of their starting team. Points are awarded for takedowns and assists, but also for killing many opponents in quick succession for what’s known as Triple, Quadra and Penta kills. Fantasy LCS is first and foremost a team effort, so those who participate in daily fantasy earn points for securing objectives. Baron Nashor and dragon kills are rewarded and players also receive LCS fantasy points for claiming victory, destroying towers, earning first blood and winning in less than 30 minutes.

At the beginning of every fantasy LCS week players will compete against another team from the same league. When the regular season concludes, the team with the most victories emerges victorious and tiebreakers apply when two teams are tied for the lead. The process is perfectly fair and transparent, so fantasy League of Legends rewards luck, but also hard work and commitment. Draftkings is also known for its daily fantasy, which appeals to casual and veteran players with its immediate gratification.

Discover the Melting Pot of Fantasy Sports and Fantasy LCS at DraftKings


DraftKings is the industry leader in fantasy sports and in recent years, it has turned its attention to the fast-rising fantasy esports industry. The biggest daily fantasy website dedicates ample coverage to the most important North American sports leagues. The LCS fantasy league was the obvious choice, as this is based on the competitive esports tournament.

It has built its popularity on the existing vacuum for US punters who are denied the chance of legally betting on sports. Since fantasy sports are not subject to the same restrictions, DraftKings is able to provide a secure and legal gaming environment. In the esports industry, they have made just a few baby steps and currently only offer fantasy League of Legends, the most popular MOBA.

DraftKings uses a similar system for traditional fantasy sports and the newly added LCS fantasy esports, with only minor tweaks. Players begin by registering an account and make a deposit or participate in one of the freerolls available. On the platform, members are invited to choose between Head 2 Head, 50/50 game and Fantasy LCS tournaments. Based on their decisions, the payouts can differ quite a bit, as there is always an indissoluble link between the stakes and the return on investment. On the bright side, players earn DK dollars whenever they play real money on fantasy LCS and it is used to join special events.

Fantasy League of Legends was chosen as a pioneer in their esports fantasy selection for a good reason as this is the most popular MOBA. Participating players start with a bankroll of $50,000 in virtual money, which can be used to acquire LCS fantasy pro-gamers. Players can have a maximum of 8 fantasy esports athletes in their team and the challenge consists of creating a balanced team composition. Essentially, one has to pick players from three distinct teams and cover all key positions, such as ADC, support, mid and top-laners. The LCS fantasy league rankings can be useful to identify the best players for your roster.

Players can deposit and cash out winnings using the same popular payment methods that are accepted at mainstream gambling operators and fantasy sports websites. Credit, debit and prepaid cards issued by MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as well as wire transfers and PayPal are accepted. Players can deposit a tiny to test the water and then gradually increase the stakes to fulfill their greater ambitions. The waiting time on withdrawals is reasonably short and funds reach their destination in a matter of days. This provides savvy esports fantasy players with the opportunity to cash in on their knowledge and intuition.

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