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LEC Summer Split Week 5: MAD Lions dominate, G2 Esports recover

The 2022 League of Legends European Championship or LEC has finished Week 5 of the Summer Split. The week concluded with a dominating performance from standings leader MAD Lions, whose win streak is now extended to four. In addition, G2 Esports had shown a sign of recovery and redeemed their humiliating end in Week 4.

MAD wrapped Week 5 defeating Team Vitality and SK Gaming. Victories over these two have propelled MAD further on top of the standings and luckily for them, Rogue was unable to take over the throne after conceding to G2 on the final day of the week.

G2, on the other hand, which was defeated twice in Week 4 managed to bounce back in the following week. The team’s stellar Week 5 performance gave them a spark of hope of making it into the Summer Split’s playoffs.

LEC Summer Split Week 5: MAD leads, Rogue trails behind

Leading far up in the standings, both MAD and Rogue are undoubtedly the best teams in the Summer Split. Both teams have recorded the exact same 8-3 win-loss record and have been dominating other teams. However, for MAD and Rogue, they had to struggle in the early weeks of the Summer Split to get on top of the standings.

Only in Week 3 that both MAD and Rogue would manage to secure the first and second positions for themselves. While the teams’ performance was much attributed to their success, the fall of the former standing leaders to lower positions such as G2, Excel, Astralis and Fnatic also played a part in how dynamic the tournament has been so far.

The Spanish powerhouse MAD was only defeated by Excel in Week 2 and the British team is now trailing close in the third position behind Rogue. Despite the defeat, MAD’s redemption kicked in the following week and it quickly overshadowed the team’s bad record. MAD’s Belgian mid-laner Yasin “Nisqy” Dincer was named Player of the Game four times. Nisqy’s record is tied with two other fellow mid-laners, namely Vitality’s Luka “Perkz” Perkovic and Misfits Gaming’s Vincent “Vetheo” Berrie.

Despite winning all games in Week 5, MAD was at risk of losing the first position to Rogue. The only thing that saved the Spanish team from trailing behind their rival was that the Poland-based Rogue conceded to G2 on July 23 or the final day of the week.

G2 bounces back in Week 5

Whether G2’s redemption arc is just starting remains to be seen. The team quickly claimed the top position in Week 1 after winning the entire scheduled matchups over Astralis, Rogue, and Excel. Their defeat to Vitality in the following week marked their downfall for weeks to come.

With seemingly no glimpse of hope of making it back to the top three, G2’s consecutive defeats had them in the seventh standings position alongside Astralis. Fighting against all odds, G2 eventually bounced back and climbed a whopping three positions up while Fnatic and Misfits dropped three positions below.

G2 is now fourth in the standings and just a single win behind Excel. Should the remaining weeks transpire according to the team’s plan, G2 could potentially make it into the playoffs as there are only six teams set to qualify for the next stage.