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Moist Esports wins Rocket League Spring Major after defeating Team Falcons

On Sunday, at London’s Copper Box Arena, Moist Esports defeated Team Falcons in the Rocket League Championship Series Spring Major grand final. The European teenagers annihilated the novice Saudi squad to cap off a tournament with far-reaching implications for the RLCS World Championship.

Moist’s roster includes two English players named Rise and Joyo, one French player named Vatira, and one English coach named Noah. They went on an elimination bracket run for Team Queso during the winter split, making it all the way to the Winter Major grand final in Los Angeles.

G2 Esports was removed from the competition, which was fortunate for Moist. The roster now playing for Moist Esports went on a lower bracket run during the Spring Major at the Copper Box Arena in London, forcing a bracket reset against Falcons Esports. They did not waste their second chances to defeat the Falcons this time.

“Let’s get wet!” and “Rise, Joyo, Vatira!” chanted the crowd in the Copperbox Arena this weekend as Rocket League esports fans assembled to follow the action at LAN aka Landon.

Moist won five games in a row in the lower bracket before winning two best-of-seven matches in the final, with the crowd cheering on their names. It was the ideal way to conclude the Spring Major, establishing Moist as the new favorite heading into the RLCS World Championship. They were on the verge of losing throughout the Major, but Moist won every time they were forced to, and the trio won at least one overtime match.

Falcons and Version 1 in Rocket League Esports

Falcons Esports has had an incredible run. The Falcons made history by finishing third in an RLCS international major outside of Europe and North America. The Saudi Arabia-born roster of Ahmad “Ahmad” Abdullah, Khalid “oKhaliD” Qasim, and Mohammed “trk511” Alotaibi progressed to the Spring Split Major Upper Bracket Grand Finals for the first time in history after defeating SpaceStation Gaming 4-3.

The previous Sandrock Gaming roster blew everyone away at the Fall Major in the first season that Middle Eastern teams competed in the RLCS, finishing in the top eight. Although the Winter Major won, they were unable to travel to America. Despite being dropped and then picked up by Falcons Esports, they managed to dominate their region throughout the spring.

Falcons defeated Team Liquid from Europe and FaZe Clan, Spacestation, and Version1 from North America in the top bracket in front of a large crowd in London. They become the first team outside of NA and EU to reach the grand final of an RLCS LAN event after defeating V1 in the upper final.

Falcons were the event’s favorites until the final when the crowd overwhelmingly supported Moist Esports. The team had a huge success in the game, despite their loss to Moist, and they performed so well that they earned a spot in the Worlds group stage.

Version1, the third winner, dominated the European competition until they reached the lower bracket finals. In London’s Copper Box Arena, the V1 team and their leader, Robert “Comm” Kyser, were already reviled by the masses. Their victories over top-tier European teams drew even noisier jeers from the crowd. Comm appeared to enjoy himself; he preferred to play deaf and suggested that the audience be louder during the postgame broadcast interviews.

On their way to the upper final against Falcons Esports, V1 defeated Endpoint, Moist Esports, and Karmine Corp. After losing to the Falcons, they faced Moist in the lower final. Their dominance over European teams was shattered when they were defeated 4-0 by Moist. In a postgame broadcast interview, Joyo addressed his team’s attempt to shut down Comm.