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LoL 2022: Team Vitality welcomes Perkz, Alphari, and Carzzy

Two dozen elite rosters have just finished the 2021 World Championship, marking the beginning of the offseason, a vital three-month period that will determine how teams will appear, lineups changes and setting for 2022 and the following years.

Professional contracts for League of Legends players expired in November, kicking off a chain of events from the North American LCS to the South Korean LCK.

During the offseason, some teams will strive to improve their rosters, sign new players, and extend their contracts, while other teams will abandon their offseason plans and start fresh.

Vitality confirms new additions to the team

This week, Team Vitality has unveiled their League of Legends roster for the upcoming season of the LEC, following in the footsteps of G2 Esports.

In season 12 of League of Legends, there was a rumor that Team Vitality is going to transform itself into a superteam. The rumor appears to be true, as three new players have been added to Vitality’s League of Legends roster for the 2022 LEC season.

With the “biggest LEC roster ever seen,” Vitality prides itself on its revamped roster consisting of top laner Alphari, jungler Selfmade, midlaner Perkz, AD carry Carzzy, and support Labrov. Also on the team will be Louis-Victor “Mephisto” Legendre as head coach, Sim*o “Simon” Oliveira as an assistant coach, and Dimitri “Noodlez” Zografos as the head analyst.

Getting to know the new team

The Jungle and Support duo of Labrov and Selfmade are the only returning members of Vitality’s roster for 2022. Coming from Fnatic, Selfmade joined the team midseason before the summer split. Labrov has been a mainstay in the support role since 2020, making him the longest-standing member of the roster.

Alphari will become Vitality’s starting toplaner after the SLT toplane is switched with Szygenda. Alphari made two consecutive finals appearances and earned a Worlds spot after a tough year with Team Liquid. Alphari has now returned to Europe under a new banner.

Carzzy finished the year with his best performance on MAD Lions. In 2021, the Spanish team was the best of the LEC. MAD Lion’s breakout year was made possible by Carzzy’s impressive performances at MSI and Worlds, as well as winning two domestic titles. He now joins Vitality in the bottom lane.

In a similar manner, Perkz played for Cloud9 for a year. Perkz had an overall impressive year in North America, winning the LCS title and placing in the Worlds Quarterfinals. It will be the first time that Perkz has played in the LEC since he was dropped from his long-term position on G2 Esports.

“I’m so excited,” said eight-time LEC champion and Worlds runner-up Perkz when asked about his addition to the team.

“I am so excited to be returning to Europe with a new home at Team Vitality. When I was approached to join the team I knew straight away that they had a real passion and hunger to make 2022 their year. I’m ready to take my career to new heights and I know Team Vitality is somewhere I can continue to build a legacy.”

Starting in early January, league fans will be able to witness Vitality’s new lineup compete in the 2022 LEC Spring Split.