Ludwig slams YouTube, outlines streaming drawbacks in Youtube Gaming

Popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren has criticized the Youtube platform, claiming it “sucks” for streaming and needed several technical updates for it to compete with Twitch.

Ludwig is a prominent streamer. He has been maintaining his strong reputation on YouTube Gaming since moving there from Twitch in November 2021. While the streamer was given a new home on YouTube, he did not hesitate to point out the platform’s flaws.

Ludwig highlights major problems

In his most recent video, Ludwig expressed his dissatisfaction with the recently added hosting option in YouTube Gaming. The feature allows streamers to send viewers to another creator who is still live at the end of their broadcast.

During one of Ludwig’s streams, he attempted to raid Valkyrae but failed. Streamers can only raid other streamers who are subbed to them and have their subscription marked as Public. According to Ludwig, this was a highly inefficient method. It is expected that YouTube will fix the issue soon.

“I tried it for like five minutes at the end of one of my streams. Trying to raid Rae, and you have to go down here, you have to copy in the channel name, and then it still doesn’t work,” Ludwig said, outlining his difficulties in attempting to “host” Valkyrae. “It’s just hard, it’s just confusing. And it will get better, but right now it’s bad.”

He then compared Twitch with YouTube in terms of the speed of the live chat feature. Using Twitch’s live chat, he said, was easier. It also refreshes faster, while YouTube displays a large number of chat messages at once from time to time.

Truffle TV

Afterward, Ludwig shifted the attention of his fans to his newly formed company, Truffle.tv. The firm is an improvement to his original Mogul.tv browser extension, which was designed to make YouTube Gaming more similar to Twitch.

The original Mogul.tv extension made the transition from Twitch to YouTube Gaming much easier for his fans. With features that change the way YouTube’s live chat box works, the extension allows third-party emotes and viewers to change the color of their names.

He also added that his newest extension had a Battle Pass system. It also includes predictions, channel points, and more.

“Truffle isn’t stopping at that, by the way. The long goal, dream for Truffle is to be able to fix little problems with Twitch livestreams. Maybe even TikTok livestreams. Platforms are so slow to make changes!”

Ludwig said that once Youtube Gaming becomes wealthy, it will take longer to make some improvements. It appears that Ludwig wants to improve the streaming industry by creating the extension.

The ideals of Truffle resonated with many YouTube users who praised Ludwig for his understanding of the streaming process. Ludwig’s actions were welcomed by others since they would benefit the entire streaming community.

Others were more concerned about how horrible YouTube raiding was. YouTube’s system may be able to reduce hate raids, but the objective of raiding and hosting channels is to rapidly and efficiently shift one audience to another.