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Modders Give CS:GO Rocket League-Like Mod

Valve’s 2012 popular team FPS title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has received a mod called CSGO-Kart. This mod turns the game into Psyonix’s vehicular soccer title, Rocket League.

The CSGO-Kart mod is a brainchild of duo modders who go by the name “Two Random Dudes.” The mod offers a new gameplay experience where players can now fire rockets, jump and perform a slam attack at opponents.

The file can be downloaded on Steam Workshop. The duo describes it as “a vehicular capture the flag gameplay mode for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”

More on CSGO-Kart mod

Created by Steam users lmtlss and Squink, whose real names are Dieter Stassen and Luke Millanta, according to Dot Esports’ Ashish Mahato, the CSGO-Kart mod has received over 100 awards from users. Additionally, the mod has received almost 13,000 unique visitors, and its current subscriber count is 10,203.

As mentioned above, the mod turns the game to Rocket League. The only difference is that CSGO-Kart can fire “actual” rocket projectiles, according to co-creator Milanta.

“[CSGO-Kart is] Rocket League but in CSGO and with actual rockets,” he said.

Currently, the mod only offers a single map and one game mode. Players can play either the blue or red team, with the main objective being capturing the opposing team’s flag. Millanta explained that this is how the scoring works in the mod.

“Instead of playing as soldiers/humans you instead take the form of a rocket-firing go-kart. From here each team battles it out to capture the other team’s flag and return it to their base,” he continued.

“Every time they do this, they score a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. Throughout the map, there are speed boosters, ammo (rockets), teleporters, and health kits/boosters.”

Aside from firing rockets, players can also jump and perform a slam attack to knock their opponents. Players may press ATTACK 1 to fire rockets, ATTACK 2 to jump, and press ATTACK 2 while in the air to perform a slam down.

Other works on Steam Workshop

The mod is listed as CSGO Kart I on Steam Workshop, meaning it likely will have a follow-up edition in the future.

Lmtlss has previously released Surf for Points I all the way to Surf for Points V, among his other mod collections for the game. In total, lmtlss has accumulated 62 submissions and 134,736 followers on Steam Workshops, while Squink has 26 submissions and 63 followers.

Prior to making the CSGO-Kart mod, lmtless partnered with Steam user Dreazc0v and Bitcoin casino betting platform Gamdom to release DC | PRACTICE GROUNDS | DEV, a map in CS:GO where players can train their aim in a “fun way.”

There is also a mod called “Aerox Rooftop”, which was co-created with Steam Workshop contributor Slimek in partnership with renowned Danish gaming peripherals and accessories manufacturer SteelSeries.

“Run across rooftops in this cyberpunk-themed aim course. How fast are you? A massive thank you to SteelSeries for sponsoring this map,” Aerox Rooftop’s description reads.