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Red Bull Flick Invitational 2022 announces participating teams

The CS:GO pro-am championship Red Bull Flick Invitational Copenhagen has announced the list of eight professional teams participating in the event this year.

The invited teams are G2 Esports, FURIA, OG, Heroic, Copenhagen Flames, BIG and Team Spirit, and they are expected to announce their representatives in the upcoming weeks. Boris ‘⁠magixx⁠’ Vorobiev and Viktor ‘⁠sdy⁠’ Orudzhev of Team Spirit won the championship last year.

These pro teams will face 26 amateur duos that advance through the national and international qualifiers. Currently, the qualifiers are still ongoing and will conclude on October 9.

More players can register on FACEIT’s platform before the deadline and win the chance for all-expenses-paid trips to Copenhagen. It is reportedly the first time North America has been included in the list.

This year’s championship

This year’s championship will be held on November 19-20. All teams will compete to win the €50,000 (approximately $48,500) Prize Pool. According to the organizer, this championship offers a chance for amateur CS:GO players to test their skills against world-renowned players in a 2v2 setup.

Red Bull Flick’s 2v2 format puts a twist against the common 5v5 system, making it among the most notorious CS:GO tournaments since its introduction in 2019. According to the organizer, this system allows them to unveil “hidden gems” in the CS:GO competitive scene. Case in point — last year in Helsinki, the rookie duo of Team Garnuchy managed to defeat the representatives of BIG and G2.

Here’s how the format works. Each team starts with 100 tickets, which will go down in number as time goes by. Teams who run out of tickets will lose. To stop the tickets from running out, the team must hold active control points across the map by overcoming their opponents. This map itself is specifically designed for Flick.

The LAN pre-stage qualifier, where all the international amateur teams who won the regional qualifiers will battle each other to get to the main stage, will be held on November 19. The pre-stage qualifier will narrow the pairs from 26 to two. It will be a closed offline event.

On the second day, there will be a play-off joined by ten pairs of players. This final event will be broadcasted by NEP Studios. International viewers can alternatively enjoy the final stage on Twitch and YouTube, and the organizer will provide captions in multiple languages.

“After facing their peers in the pre-stage qualifiers, the top amateur duos will then face-off against the eight invited pro teams in an intense play-off bracket on the big stage, all leading to an epic grand final,” said Red Bull Flick in a press release.

Esports fans will get the chance to see their favorite stars in a certain section of the event as well — Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, who paired with Flamez in the first international qualifier this April, reportedly will make an appearance along with several other household names.

Red Bull Flick has also partnered with several gaming industry leaders to offer a great tournament experience for players and fans this year, including AOC, AMD as well as Backforce.