League of Legends European Masters 2019 Quarterfinals Predictions

The LoL Worlds is the most anticipated competition of late 2019, with the first matches scheduled to start in October. Meanwhile, regional rivals lock horns in the prestigious League of Legends European Masters 2019 and the group stage is already over. Last week of September, the 8 teams qualified for the playoffs will lock horns in the quarterfinals and the names of the Final 4 will be known at the end of the weekend. The first two quarterfinals start on Saturday afternoon but the main favourites to win the event play on Sunday.

Mousesports Play the Opening Series against Excel UK

Mousesports have won Group A without dropping a match and they intend on extending the winning streak into the League of Legends European Masters 2019 quarterfinals. They play against Excel UK, a team that has exceeded expectations in the play-in and confirm the good form in the main event. At the start of the tournament, Mousesports were credited with a slightly better chance to win the trophy and they are still ahead. Not surprisingly, the German team is slight favourite at Rivalry with odds of 9/20, as opposed to 8/5 on Excel UK.

Starting with the quarterfinals, winners are decided at the end of a three match series. Excel UK are indeed in good form and have a couple of talented players, but Mousesports have experience on their side. At this phase of the LoL European Masters, the ability to keep a cool head and focus in a best-of-five series means a great deal. Under these circumstances, we favour Mousesports to advance and punters should even consider the odds of 13/10 on the favourites to cover the -1.5 games bet.

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Rogue Esport Club take on Vodafone Giants

The Vodafone Giants were credited with the third chance of winning the tournament and they’ve enjoyed the swift passage to the main event. They have confirmed their quality and experience by winning all three matches in Group B and get odds of 2/5 in the League of Legends European Masters 2019 Quarterfinals. Their opponents are Rogue Esport Club, a team that blew hot and cold during the group stage and were on the verge of elimination several times.

The Polish outfit had a hard time winning back-to-back games and have constantly struggled under pressure. This is not a good sign ahead of this decisive series, hence the odds of 2/1 offered by ArcaneBet. In the match against Mousesports, they were clearly outplayed and were unable to take the initiative throughout the entire game. They will be under even greater pressure in this match against Vodafone Giants and we expect them to lose without winning more than a match.

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Team LDLC’s Resilience to be Tested by BIG

Team LDLC were the main favorites to win the tournament with odds of no more than 2/1. They have the most experienced team in the tournament, with several players that have competed for the LEC teams. The defeat at the hands of Fnatic Rising came as a shock to many punters, but at that point, they were already qualified for the League of Legends European Masters 2019 Quarterfinals. Now they play against BIG, an undefeated team that is nonetheless credited with the second chance and odds of 2/1 by Pinnacle. They were lucky to play in the weakest group of the event so winning three games came as no surprise.

Team LDLC players are going to throw everything they’ve got in this series, as the stakes are as high as they get. Elimination at this stage of the competition would be simply unacceptable for a team that is well-positioned to win the European Masters 2019. Punters face the predicament of betting on the favourites at odds of 7/20 or trust them to cover the -1.5 spread at 11/10. BIG are a strong team, but we expect them to be outclassed in this series and the best case scenario is for them to win a match. A win for Team LDLC will push them on a collision course with Fnatic Rising and the chance for a rematch in the semifinals.

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Fnatic Rising Emerge as Favorites at the European Masters 2019

Punters who plan on betting on League of Legends European Masters 2019 Quarterfinals will notice that Fnatic Rising have the lowest odds to advance. They are clear favorites in the best-of-five series played against devils.one, a team that has barely qualified from Group C. Fnatic Rising were credited with a decent chance at the beginning of the tournament, but their victory over Team LDLC has elevated their status. They would still have to face the French team again in the semifinals if they qualify on Sunday evening, but at least they will have the psychological advantage.

For the time being, Fnatic Rising is expected to prevail over devils.one, as reflected by the odds of 7/20 at Betway. There is one particular player that punters should be watching in the series and he goes by the name of MagiFelix. Their ADC came online in the last match against Team LDLC and can still improve in this Bo5 League of Legends European Masters 2019 quarterfinals. devils.one exceeded expectations by making it this far in the tournament, but we believe that their adventure will end this week.

Fnatic Rising or Team LDLC to Win the European Masters 2019

Our Legends European Masters 2019 Quarterfinals prediction is that all four favorites will advance to the semifinals. Mousesports and Vodafone Giants will play a coin-flip match in which punters should bet on the team that bookmakers credit with the second chance. Barring a clean sweep in the quarterfinals, the Vodafone Giants should be given higher odds. We strongly believe that the winners of the European Masters 2019 will be the team winning the semifinal between Fnatic Rising and Team LDLC. In the end, the French team should prevail mainly because experience weighs heavily in any tournament final.