The Last Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Groups Stage Matches are Underway

The Global StarCraft II League Season 3 is underway, with half of the matches in the group stage already over. Eight players have already secured safe passage to the second group stage, which just like the first one is played in a dual tournament format. All the matches consist of a best-of-three series, until the quarterfinals when up to five games are needed to determine the winner. Only the semi finals and the finals are played in a best-of-five format and the winner will claim nearly $27,000.

Special is the Only Non-Korean Still Standing

The Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Groups Stage started precisely one week ago and two non-Korean players participated. Scarlett has suffered an untimely elimination, but Special is still standing after finishing second in Group A. He is also one of the two Terran players to advance, with Protoss and Zerg players being the most successful ones during this stage of the competition. Dark and Ragnarok finished first and second in Group B while herO and Zest have qualified from group D.

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Terrans are Huge Favourites as Maru and TY Share Group E

The most exciting matches of this week are scheduled for July 11, when Maru and TY try to restore the balance and bring Terran players back into the spotlight. Betway backs their claim, as both of them are overwhelming favorites in the first two matches of the day. Maru has had his fair share of problems in the previous group stage at the GSL Season 2, but he’s expected to prevail with relative ease. Punters only get odds of 1/10 on his victory, while his opponent is given odds of 6/1. Super is the only Protoss player in this group, but he has the lowest chance to qualify and even win a match against any opponent.

TY has emerged as one of the best Terran players and he’s expected to give Maru a run for his money. Before these two talented players lock horns, TY should be able to pick up an early victory over Impact in the first match. ArcaneBet prices a victory for the favorites at 1/4, which reflects the difference in skill and experience. Impact gets odds of 5/2, but punters should be wary of backing the underdog in spite of the obvious value. We think that it is simply better to go with the flow and bet on TY to sweep the series and set up a confrontation with Maru for the first place in Group E.

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Classic and Innovation Set to Dominate Group F on July 13

Innovation has just suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Cure, who won four games in a row after dropping the first two. These players are likely to meet again at the Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code S, as both of them should be able to qualify from the group stage. Innovation will play against KeeN on Saturday in a highly anticipated TvT and Buff88 offers odds of 1/5 on the favorite. Those who are willing to take a leap of faith with KeeN will enjoy odds of 7/2, but we don’t think that’s a good idea. Innovation will try to put the recent defeat behind him and the opening series.

The second game of the day is also a mirror match as Classic plays against Creator in a lopsided PvP contest. Classic has enjoyed a lot of success at the Global StarCraft II League and he will likely challenge innovation for the first place in Group F. To get that far, he needs to cash in on the odds of 1/5 offered by Rivalry on him to defeat Creator. Punters can bump up the odds if they are willing to bet on the favorite to win in straight matches, or enjoy even odds on Creator to win at least a match. The boldest gamblers can take a chance with the underdog and hope that the amazing guns of 7/2 come to fruition.

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Group G and H Matches Scheduled for Next Week

The second Global StarCraft II League Season 3 group stage is set to start at the beginning of August. That’s immediately after the final matches of groups G and H conclud and these also promise to be balanced and difficult to predict. In Group G, Gumiho is likely to advance alongside Dear, but the race for the second place is wide open. That’s because Fantasy does exactly what his name indicates and plays creatively regardless of stakes and opponents. Armani is the clear underdog in this group and he is likely to exit the competition without winning a single match.

Terrans are unlikely to get a fellow player from Group H, as Taeja is pit against some really difficult opponents. Patience and Trap have enjoyed success at the previous editions and they have been particularly effective against Terran opponents. Solar is the only Zerg in this group, but much to his credit, he is in great shape and he has played plenty of matches recently. He had the biggest problems against opponents playing the same race as he does, so he doesn’t have to worry about this at the GSL.

What to Expect from the Global StarCraft II League Season 3?

Maru’s dominance in the most important StarCraft II competition ended abruptly last season when he failed to qualify for the playoffs. This year, the race is once again wide open and there are several players capable of challenging the talented Terran. Protoss players have dominated the last tournament and in spite of extending their good run, they continue to get high esports odds from bookmakers. Punters should keep an eye on them and don’t hesitate to back them when sports books credit them with the second chance.