The League of Legends Worlds 2019 Finals Pits – G2 Esports vs FunPlus Phoenix

Expectations were high for G2 Esports from the start of the LoL Worlds 2019 and the European Team was able to rise to the occasion. After a fantastic semifinal played against the main favorites SK Telecom, they are set on a path that has them collide with FunPlus Phoenix.

The first seed from China started the tournament slowly, with ambivalent results, but found its composure in the playoffs. Bookmakers anticipate an even match, which should provide esports enthusiasts and punters with excellent opportunities.

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G2 Esports Play the First Match against an LPL Team

Three South Korean teams have tried to block their way to the final, but G2 Esports came on top and are now set for the first match against a Chinese opponent.

The LPL has grown a lot over the last couple of years and the fact that Invictus Gaming are the reigning champions speaks volumes about its quality. It was actually the young roster of FunPlus Phoenix that has caused their untimely elimination and the same team will try to outshine a more experienced opponent once again.

G2 Esports have experience on their side and have enjoyed a lot of success in international tournaments.

To get a better sense of what this team looks and feels like when playing highly competitive games, you should also read our Complete Guide to LoL Worlds Betting.

In the LEC, they played aggressively right from the start and steamrolled over their opponents, by turning small leads into insurmountable advantages.


Nonstop Aggression Expected in LoL Worlds Final

The LoL Worlds betting odds have changed a lot since bookmakers have revealed the odds for the finals. At the time of writing, G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix are evenly matched, with ArcaneBet giving a slight edge to the Europeans.

G2 Esports are priced at 17/20, while FunPlus Phoenix get odds of 9/10, which means that the match looks like a coin flip. So far all the series played in the playoffs were decided at the end of four games, but this particular one has the potential of going the distance.

Just like their European counterparts, the Chinese are playing aggressively in LPL matches and this tactic usually serves them well. They don’t have the time or the reasons to change their approach ahead of this match and we expect them to stick to the tactic that has brought them to the finals. Early game aggression is very likely and this should lead to many skirmishes immediately after the first blood. This type of game can backfire and teams will have a difficult time recovering from mistakes, but both are prone to making errors. Punters should definitely consider betting the Over 28.5 kill spread in each game at odds of 9/10.

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Early Game Objective LoL Worlds Final Betting

Trying to predict the winner of the series is a real challenge, even though we give clear preference to the more experienced team of G2 Esports. There are other interesting things that punters can wager on and the early game objectives are at the top of the list. Betting on the team scoring the first blood is surely fun but also risky because leading bookmakers such as Unikrn offer odds of 9/10 on each team. Both of them play aggressively and in the end, the outcome could well be determined by luck; one would have to be quite fortunate to thrive, given the 10% house edge and the randomness of this bet.

Worlds 2019 Semifinals

Punters should instead consider betting on FunPlus Phoenix to destroy the first tower. The odds are once again revolving around the value of 9/10 for each team, but we have strong arguments in favor of the Chinese team. G2 Esports’ early game approach is focused on getting the kills and the first Dragon, rather than the Herald. In the previous series against SKT, the South Koreans have destroyed the first tower in every single match. If we look at the trends throughout the League of Legends Worlds 2019 we discover that G2 Esports have taken the first tower in less than 30% of the matches played.

The other side of the coin is betting on the first Dragon and in this case, we give clear preference to the Europeans. One of the main reasons why their opponents were able to destroy the first tower is that they had priority over the Herald. With most of the G2 players focused on killing the Dragon, the other team was able to take this objective. By betting on FunPlus Phoenix to destroy the first tower, while backing G2 Esports to claim the first Dragon, punters will maximize profits and also hedge against the risks.

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Take a Leap of Faith with Finals MVP Bets

Risk-averse punters can bet on the outright winners or consider the markets mentioned above. Those who want to maximize their profits should place a bet on the Finals MVP player and three stand out from the crowd. Perkz is the main favourite at Buff.bet with odds of 2/1, which makes perfect sense since he is the AD carry. Having said this, we prefer Caps at odds of 5/1, as this immensely talented mid-laner will see plenty of action in this matchup. He was amazing against SKT and his champions of choice have the potential to carry the team, which makes him an excellent candidate for the MVP trophy.

FunPlus Phoenix fans and pundits who believe that the Chinese team will prevail have an easier task. This team pins all its hopes on Doinb, one of the best mid-laners in the world and a player that performs well under pressure. Odds of 4/1 are also tempting and if FunPlus Phoenix end up winning the tournament, he is the most likely player to make the decisive contribution.

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