The Overwatch Contenders 2020 Starts in March with a New Format

Overwatch has emerged as Blizzard Entertainment’s most popular game and one that enjoys ample coverage at all major bookmakers. Overwatch Contenders is one of the flagship tournaments of 2020, a major event that provides punters with unique live esports betting opportunities.

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There are plenty of changes announced for this year, all aimed at making the tournament more exciting. The games will be broadcasted live on streaming platforms, so punters will have access to the latest facts in real-time.

Overwatch Contenders Schedule and Format

This year’s edition of Overwatch Contenders introduces a new format that will bring together the three main ecosystems. A major stop on the Esports Calendar, the tournament will tie together the Open Division with the Contenders Trials and the Contenders.

The competition will be spanning over several months, so punters will have multiple opportunities to take advantage of the Overwatch Contenders odds. These are made available early by esportsbooks and updated to reflect the latest results and form.


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Overwatch Contenders 2020 will also have a new point system, which should make the qualifiers more exciting. The Finals represent the pinnacle of the Overwatch Contenders Schedule, yet the regional playoff qualifiers promise to be just as entertaining.

The goal is to bring into the spotlight, some of the best players, as well as the most promising ones. Punters will get to know these rising stars and cash in on the juicy Overwatch Contenders odds offered to those who back them in competitive matches.

The Overwatch Contenders semi finals and the finals will enjoy the best live coverage, as matches will be broadcasted live every week. All the important regions will have representatives in the tournament, and some of them will have two weekly broadcasts. In addition to the top tier, players from these regions will get to see live the most exciting Overwatch Contenders Trials every week. They will also get up to speed with the latest results, so they can use the info to make the most of the Overwatch Contenders odds.

Registration Open for the Overwatch Contenders Open Division

Bookmakers published the Overwatch Contenders odds in advance for the main tournaments and these are the matches preferred by punters. Having said this, the Overwatch Contenders schedule also includes the Open Division, where new players put their skill to the test. Blizzard has announced that the official website now has a dedicated page for the Open Division where players can sign up. All they have to do is to select the region for more details, to get up to speed with the relevant region-specific information.


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Overwatch Contender broadcasts have started in late February, with Australia kickstarting the tournament in on February 23. The Pacific and South American divisions soon followed, while North America and Europe resume action on March 3. This means that punters can already bet on the most exciting matches, as the top teams come from these two continents. They can bet in advance on Overwatch Contenders odds or alternate pregame action with in-play betting, as the tournament enjoys excellent live coverage.