The Best League of Legends Teams Compete in the Rift Rivals Asia

Rift Rivals Asia begins on Thursday, just a few days after the best European and North American teams played in the Rift Rivals NA vs EU competition. This weekend, it is time for the South Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese players to shine and League of Legends fans can expect four days of quality entertainment. There are more teams participating, more games and more action, as the top performing LoL players from Asia showcase their skills.

Rift Rivals Schedule and Format

The top four Rift Rivals 2019 teams from South Korea, China, Vietnam and Taiwan participate, based on their Spring Playoffs ranking. On Thursday morning, the tournament begins with the group stage, where teams play against opponents that have the same seeding score. The winner of the group stage will advance straight to the Rift Rivals LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS finals, while the next four will compete in the semifinals. During this phase of the competition, all the matches are played in a best of one format.

Rift Rivals has a bracket stage during which matches are played in a best-of-five “Blind Relay Races” series. This original format allows for more matches to be played, which is great news for both League of Legends players and punters seeking for Rift Rivals LoL opportunities. In the semifinals, the second placed teams from the group stage play against the ones that have finished this round in the third spot. On Sunday, the winners of the semifinals will face the group stage winner in a best-of-five Rift Rivals final.

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South Koreans are Big Favourites on Day One

The Rift Rivals schedule gets busy on Thursday morning, when six games are scheduled starting at 8 AM UK time. Three of the four South Korean Rift Rivals 2019 teams are credited with the first chance, with the exception being Kingzone DragonX. They play against Funplus Phoenix, the leaders of the Chinese League of Legends domestic championship. ArcaneBet only offers odds of 1/2 on Funplus Phoenix, while pricing a surprise victory for the South Koreans and 17/10.

Rift Rivals Asia actually begins with SKT1 taking on the most successful Taiwanese League of Legends team in recent years. Flash Wolves are struggling during the Summer Split and they are unlikely to cause an upset in the first round of this Asian tournament. SK Telekom1 are clearly the more experienced team, so even the odds of 1/5 offered on their victory are justified. By comparison, punters who are bold enough as to take a leap of faith with Flash Wolves can expect massive odds of 4/1 on them to win.

The most lopsided match of the day also involves a South Korean team, playing against the second best squad from Vietnam. Damwon Gaming is riding a winning streak in the LCK and will try to extend it in an international competition. They have an excellent chance of extending the Rift Rivals Asia lead their country should have after match one, by defeating EVOS Esports. Punters shouldn’t set their hopes up too high for this match, as only odds of 1/10 on the favorites to win are to be expected that Rivalry.

Topsports Gaming is also likely to crush EVOS Esports, as reflected by the odds of 1/20 offered by the same bookmaker. Dashing Buffalo are Vietnam’s best chance at the Rift Rivals LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS, but even they get massive odds of 7/2 in the opening match against JD Gaming. Their Chinese opponents will try to make the most of this opportunity to pick up points, as the second match of the day will be brutal. They play against the leaders of the South Korean LCK and are priced at 2/1 to defeat Griffin.

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Chinese Teams Look Unstoppable on Day Two

South Koreans clearly have the upper hand in the opening day, but it’s the Chinese Rift Rivals 2019 teams that are expected to dominate on Friday. That’s because Invictus Gaming play both their matches on this day against Flash Wolves and SKT1. The first game should be a mere formality, with odds of 1/20 offered by Betway on the reigning World Champions and 8/1 on the Taiwanese. Invictus will have a more difficult mission in the last Rift Rivals Asia group stage match against SK Telecom1. Even so, the odds of 1/3 reflect the high expectations that bookmakers and punters alike have from the Chinese to prevail.

Kingzone DragonX and Griffin will likely bring two more valuable points for South Korea in their matches against MAD Team and Dashing Buffalo. A Griffin victory is priced at 1/10, while punters will be paid at odds of 1/5 if Kingzone DragonX defeat their Taiwanese opponents. MAD Team are even less likely to pick up points at the Rift Rivals LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS, as they play in the second match against Funplus Phoenix. Once again, the Chinese team gets odds of 1/10, while their opponents are priced at 6/1.

There is a single Rift Rivals LoL match on Friday that looks pretty close and that’s the game between Damwon Gaming and Topsports Esports. The latter have dominated the Spring Split in China, hence the odds of 2/3 at Pinnacle, but they have the tendency to crumble under pressure. Under these circumstances, punters betting on Rift Rivals Asia should consider backing the underdogs at odds of 13/10. Damwon Gaming are truly in superb form and they are one of the most underestimated Rift Rivals 2019 teams.

Get ready for Saturday Rift Rivals Semifinals

This edition of the Rift Rivals Asia will likely belong to Chinese and South Korean teams. The most successful one will be waiting in the grand final, while the ones finishing in second and third will advance to the playoffs. Rift Rivals LCK-LPL-LMS-VCS semifinals are scheduled for Saturday and the odds should be available on Friday evening, as soon as group stage matches are over.