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Twitch streamer Tyler1 suffers losing streak in LoL Korean server

During his trip to South Korea, Twitch star ‘Tyler 1’ aka Tyler Steinkamp, suffered a bad day in the League of Legends solo queue, which ultimately led to a massive losing streak.

Arrived in South Korea after finishing first in all five roles in the United States, Tyler 1 has decided to spice up his Korean challenge. He is attempting to defeat Challenger on the league ladder by queuing almost exclusively as an auto-fill instead of a regular player.

Tyler1 to stay in South Korea.

Tyler will “autofill to Challenger” in South Korea and join fellow streamer and friend Tarzaned on his trip. Although they may not play duo queue games together, they plan to work together on IRL streams, as he mentioned in his statement.

Tyler intends to stay in the country for 30 days, saying that he has “a lot of things” to do afterward and can’t extend his stay.

According to some reports, he could also collaborate with Riot Games in some way for the Mid-Season Invitational, which will take place in Busan from May 10 to 29. It is expected that he will be in the country for all events. The streamer has not yet confirmed whether he will attend the event or anything else during his time in South Korea.

South Korea’s lifting of quarantine requirements has made it possible for many League teams and players from all corners of the world to travel there before Summer Split kicks off to play on its server.

Tyler1 struggles in Korean server

Despite his demonstrated proficiency in all five League of Legends roles, he has had a rocky start on the Korean server. Tyler’s second day of streaming from his hotel room in Korea was on May 4, and it proved to be a difficult day for him.

Tyler1 started out on a nice winning streak (according to his match history). Still, after winning a few of his early games, he ended up losing nine of his last 11 games, wiping out the majority of his gains from earlier in the day.

One excruciating moment from his Mordekaiser jungle matches was captured on video and went viral due to his live stream. During his final kill of the blue buff in the enemy jungle, it’s de-aggros from him due to his failure to kill it on time. Then, Tyler climbs to the top of the tower to dive into the adversary Fiora, which ends in complete disaster as the duelist scores a double-kill against Tyler and his ally Jax.

The following day, Tyler said, “I’m a f*g idiot, dude.” “Holy sh*t,”

Later, Tyler answered a question from a viewer who inquired about his chances of winning another League game.

“Perhaps not, brother. We lost nine out of ten. I won a game in seven hours. How does it feel to win?”

Tyler managed to win his final match of the day and end the stream with a win, which was fortunate for his sanity.

On the contrary, Tyler’s plans to end the stream once he reached Platinum rank didn’t work out. However, this broadcast put a severe dent in the 27-year-old streamer’s aspirations of reaching high-elo standings.