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VALORANT: Velocity Gaming beat Global Esports, clinches victory in Conquerors Championship 2022

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The VALORANT Conquerors Championship 2022 quest to select which team would defend themselves in the APAC Split 1 Playoff concluded yesterday, with Velocity taking the crown as the winner of the event.

In the tournament’s grand finals, Velocity Gaming faced off against their main rivals, Global Esports, and won with a spectacular performance.

Velocity Gaming (also known as VLT) was founded in 2017. Manoj “SENTINEL” Kasyap registered it as an Indian Esports organization in 2019.

The team started with Rainbow Six Siege and eventually invested in the Indian Esports Scene by supporting players of a range of titles such as PUBG, Counter-Strike, and others. The organization aided fellow gamers on their journey by equipping them with iPhones, GPUs for PUBG Mobile and PC gamers, and so on.

They have also helped the Indian PUBG Mobile community by establishing a discord with about 50k members to run scrims and pick teams to compete with the country’s best teams.

Reunion with intense match

The match between Velocity Gaming and Global Esports is regarded as the community’s Val-Clasico, similar to how Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is known as El Clasico in football.

Both of these teams have squared off numerous times, providing fans with a once-in-a-lifetime encounter. These teams met again in the Grand Final of the Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 on February 26, 2022, in a best-of-three map match.

Global Esports is well-known in the Indian and worldwide communities for their remarkable achievement last year. This year, however, the tale took a new turn as Velocity Gaming vanquished these juggernauts for the second year in a row.

VALORANT Conquerors Championship is the first official Riot tournament in the South Asian region this year, co-hosted by NODWIN Gaming, with a prize pool of $30,000. It is also the lone qualifying tournament for South Asian teams to compete in the VALORANT Champions Tour APAC Split-1 Playoffs in March, which also serves as a qualifying event for the VALORANT Masters in April.

How Velocity claims their spot

Velocity Gaming appeared to have the upper hand again, as they earned their first map win on Breeze with an 8-13 score. Global Esports, on the other hand, immediately neutralized the total score by prevailing on Split with a tally of 5-13.

Defeating Global Esports on Icebox, Velocity Gaming claimed the map with a score of 7-13. But, as Velocity hit the 12 round win mark, Global Esports attempted to retake the momentum, but that did not last long.

Although Velocity Gaming only required one more map to win the championship, Global Esports ensured that didn’t happen. On Bind, Global Esports reversed the tournament’s forces by taking the fourth map with an 8-13 score, bringing the total score to 2-2 on both sides.

The tournament’s last decider map was Haven, and the participants proceeded to compete for all of the glory. When the score was 11-11 on both sides, it appeared that both teams were functioning evenly; nevertheless, Velocity Gaming adjusted their tempo to terminate everything. Velocity Gaming won the Valorant Conquerors Championship 2022 without going to overtime after winning two rounds in a row.

Both of these teams will now compete in the VALORANT Champions Tour APAC Split 1 competition later this year. However, Global Esports was finally dethroned by Velocity Esports in VCC 2022.