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BMOC The Grind: Date, time, prize pool, qualified teams

BGMI Esports is finally back in action with its first event of 2022, Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge (BMOC) 2022, which offers a $26.5 thousand pool prize. The officials of the event recently finished BMOC: The Grind, an invitational tournament where 36 teams showcased their skills on Battleground Mobile India while practising for the main event.

The qualifier stage of BMOC: The Grind began on March 31 and concluded after four days of battles in a round-robin format, in which the teams are divided into dour groups of eight. A total of eight teams were kicked out in the aftermath of the stage, with 24 teams continuing their way to the league stage.

On top of the leaderboards early on was Team SouL, which was later passed by Team XO which ended up dominating the whole of BMOC: The Grind. Tea,m XO exited the tournament with 169 points and 889 finishes, while Team SouL walked away with 151 points and 74 kills. Meanwhile, in the third spot was the underdog Chemin Esports, who finished with 59 kills and 140 points. On the fourth was Hyderabad Hydras with 132 points.

Starting slow was GodLike Esports, who then recorded a strong finish, claiming the seventh position after collecting 125 points. Team XSpark, meanwhile, finished 13th, beating fan-favorites Team Hydra and Team 8bit, who recorded a 15th and 16th finish, respectively. Kicked out of the qualifier stages were Enigma Gaming and Blind Esports, while Team XO’s Fierce was crowned MVP.

On the last day of BMOC: The Grind, there were six matches for all the thirty-two teams left, with Revenant Esports claiming the first chicken dinner after managing to survive until the last play zone. Meanwhile, GodLike Esports recorded nine finishes in the first match.

GodLike Esports then recorded 21 finishes in the second match to claim a chicken dinner. Becoming the star of the game was Jonathan from GodLike Esports, who managed to record nine finishes, all by himself. Standing tall in the second position was Hyderabad Hydras with 11 finishes. Finally, Enigma Gaming claimed third place with seven finishes.

Hydra Official and Revenant Esports won the third and fourth matches of BMOC The Grind Day 4, respectively, with nine and ten finishes each. Meanwhile, the fifth and sixth matches were won by Global Esports and 7Sea Esports with ten and nine finishes, respectively.

Teams qualified for BMOC: The Grind league stage

The league stage of BMOC: The Grind is expected to commence on April 7 and run for four days. The teams that have qualified to proceed to the stage are as follows:

1. Team XO

2. Team Soul

3. Chemin Esports

4. Hyderabad Hydra

5. Orangutan Esports

6. Global Esports

7. GodLike Esports

8. Team Insane

9. OR Esports

10. 7Sea Esports

11. TSM India

12. Team Mayhem

13. Team XSpark

14. Skylightz Gaming

15. Team Hydra Official

16. Team 8Bit

17. Team Enigma Forever

18. Revenant Esports

19. R Esports

20. True Rippers Esports

21. FS Esports

22. Entity Gaming

23. Revenge Esports

24. Nigma Galaxy

The league stages will be broadcast live on the game’s official YouTube channel.