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CoD Warzone Pacific: Latest update, pro player might switch to Fortnite

Call of Duty Warzone Season Four Cover art - CC BY-SA

On December 15, Warzone released its latest update that included the nerfing of the powerful Automation Assault Rifle, the global debut of the RICOCHET anti-cheat system, and a slew of bug patches.

Caldera, the tropical paradise in Warzone Pacific, has finally replaced Verdansk earlier in December, providing Call of Duty gamers with a whole new battle royale experience. However, several updates have been made since then, both large and small. Some weapon balance changes were promised in the December 10 update, as well as a fix for the bloom mechanic.

Now, in the second update, Raven Software has published a new patch to address more issues along with some weapon adjustments.

December 15 update

According to the updated patch notes, the Cooper Carbine assault rifle has been drastically nerfed. It includes a decrease in the maximum damage range, neck damage multiplier, and torso damage multiplier of the gun. The recoil was also made a little stronger. The Volkssturmgewehr also took a heavy nerf, as its neck damage multiplier and torso damage multiplier was reduced, and its ADS speed was lowered.

The majority of Vanguard’s handguns were affected by the changes. Nerfs were applied to the Klauser, Machine Pistol, RATT, and Top Break. Vanguard’s shotgun classes used to be quite powerful, but they’ve all been weakened. The maximum damage range and second damage range were lowered on the Combat Shotgun and Einhorn Revolving, while the maximum damage range, second damage range, second damage amount, and third damage amount were reduced on the Gracey Auto Shotgun.

In Warzone, Vanguard’s snipers haven’t been very effective, but the patch notes confirm a buff to the 3-Line Rifle, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, and Type 99 snipers. By increasing their damage range, they should become more useful.

New weapons will be added in this latest update, as well as new ground loot and supply boxes on Caldera.

Additionally, several exploits and bug fixes were patched. Players are now able to look through walls and rocks after the update fixed collision issues. Placeholder images are no longer appearing in social menus and various store bundle previews. Lastly, players should find a reduction in cheaters in the Warzone thanks to the Ricochet kernel-level driver, which was launched earlier today.

Warzone bugs might push a pro player to quit the game

Due to troubles in Warzone, Challengers, and the CDL, pro player Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad told his followers on Twitter that he was embarrassed to be a CoD player.

“I’m embarrassed to be a CoD player right now. It seems like everything from Challengers, CDL, and Warzone are down badly right now. I could name a million things wrong with Warzone, but what’s the point…Part of me wants to stop playing until the game is fixed, but idk,” Conrad tweeted.

Aydan has established himself as one of the top gamers in the world since the introduction of Warzone, winning over $330,000 in prize money. Despite being the top earner, he hasn’t been enjoying the new Pacific update and has made it very clear that the Caldera map doesn’t work for him.

Because of this, Aydan is now thinking about returning to professional Fortnite, even asking on Twitter when the next tournament or Cash Cup is scheduled.

“When do Fortnite tournaments or Cash Cups start? Would love to get involved again.”