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Dr. Disrespect promotes Project Moon in massive Times Square ad

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In the years since switching to full-time streaming from Twitch to YouTube, Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known online as Dr. Disrespect, has become a gaming industry cultural icon. He has 3.9 million subscribers on his YT main channel and is well-known for playing battle royale video games.

Several months ago, Dr. Disrespect announced the formation of Midnight Society, with the goal of establishing a new AAA game developer that creates shooters for fans. The studio is now taking major steps to establish itself in front of a large audience.

The Doc enlisted the help of industry veterans from studios that use blockchain technology, such as Infinity Ward, 343 Industries, former Halo and Elder Scrolls dev Alex Fennell, and others, to help create the studio’s first game.

Dr Disrespect has previously chastised many shooter games. He is always hoping for better games and designs. Midnight Society founded about seven months ago will be his new hope in creating the ultimate shooter with the help of other genre fans. Despite the fact that the first game from the studio has yet to be revealed, The Doc and his Midnight Society team are already spreading the word around the world. Regardless, the game is still in its early stages and will take some time to complete.

A large billboard in New York City’s Times Square currently features a Midnight Society advertisement endorsing the official logo and depicting a cityscape scenery at night, inviting viewers to “enter the existence,” for next month’s event. However, only the “LA Founders Event” has been confirmed for July 29th.

The event will also feature networking opportunities, panels, giveaways, and other activities. Many people are expecting a big reveal for Midnight Society’s “Project Moon,” but it’s unclear whether the team will use this event to disclose the game’s name and basic premise.

Project Moon

Dr. Disrespect and the Midnight Society development company announced their collaboration with Polygon Studios in an interview with Forbes published on May 31, 2022. The collaboration’s goal is to give players ownership of in-game items.

Many people are probably wondering what this means for Midnight Society’s new game “Project Moon.” Midnight Society hopes to create a game where players can “trade their in-game items freely without incurring high transaction fees or negatively impacting the environment” by using NFTs. However, the announcement has sparked widespread outrage online.

It is unknown what happens to the game and its NFTs, but the two-time has previously shared game concepts. Aside from the fact that it will be a “vertical battle royale,” not much is known about the upcoming shooter game Project Moon. It will also allow players to prove ownership of skins by utilizing global digital ledgers.

Early Project Moon prototype art depicts Variants, or player characters. Their emotive masks have a lot of personalization potential, and they could easily become digital items that can be privately owned.

Furthermore, the press release mentions “achievements,” which could refer to commercializing big plays in a potentially competitive market. The game is based on a fire that begins at the bottom of a tower, with players attempting to climb in rooms throughout the game, with each area piling on top of the previous. Teams will fight not only to stay alive but also to keep themselves safe from the raging fires.

The launch date of Project Moon is currently unknown. Due to a Founders Event in Los Angeles at the end of July, the game will most likely not be released in the coming months. For the time being, Dr Disrespect fans will have to stand in line for more details on the distinctive battle royale.