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Fortnite Chapter 3 live with Spider-Man, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Fortnite’s latest update, Chapter 3 Season 1, is already live. It features a new map, a new swinging mechanic, and brand new skins, most importantly including Spider-Man and the Foundation, voiced by Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

Fortnite servers were down the entire weekend following the grand finale of Fortnite Chapter 2 on Saturday which prompted the release of Chapter 3. Season 1 of the third chapter, Flipped, is now running.

Into the new season

Despite details surrounding Fortnite’s newest season being leaked beforehand, Epic Games announced their own official details on Chapter 3 Season 1 on December 5. Among the many details, they announced is the new way players can explore the Island as it has now been flipped.

While the original Chapter 1 map disappeared after it was sucked by a black hole, the Chapter 2 map flipped upside down and revealed the chapter 3 map. The new Fortnite map allows players to explore the Island and memorize it differently, with weather conditions and new locations including Sanctuary and the Daily Bugle, the newspaper outlet where Peter Parker works.

Those who pick up the new battle pass will get the characters and the new map. Since Spider-Man cannot exist in a game without swinging, Fortnite has also added a new mechanic into the game.

As for The Rock, he had been teasing that he would feature on Fortnite for some time prior to the release of the new season. For example, the Foundation’s helmet appeared in one of his Instagram updates where he was promoting the ZOA energy drink. It was then confirmed in the Chapter 2 finale when the Foundation removed his helmet and revealed that it was the Rock behind the costume.

Gears Of War collab

The Chapter 2 finale also hinted at a near-future collaboration with a series Epic Games previously created, Gears Of War. It showed Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz, characters from the series. Moreover, the finale also promised four other new characters.

Previously, some details surrounding the new characters were leaked when the game’s official Polish YouTube channel published the Chapter 3, Season 1 battle pass trailer ahead of schedule.

Gears of War is a third-person shooter game with Marcus Fenix as its main protagonist. The original trilogy focuses on the war in the world of Sera between mankind and the Locust Horde, a lizard people.

In Gears of Wars 4, Marcus Fenix was replaced by his son JD. Meanwhile, in the next iteration of the game which is simply titled Gears 5, developed by Gears-focused studio The Coalition, Kait Diaz takes up the mantle of the main protagonist.

According to iFireMonkey, the Gears of War characters will be made available on the Fortnite store. There will also be a special Gears of War quest bundle called “Delta-One”. The quest includes:

– Collecting three COG Tags

– Crouching behind a barrier

– Damaging an opponent with a melee attack

– Inflicting Shotgun damage to an opponent

– Collecting three Thrashball Memorabilia

Spider-Man and the Foundation, and later Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz, have now joined famous faces such as Kratos, Master Chief, Lara Croft, and two Resident Evil heroes. It is almost guaranteed that Fortnite is going to add more characters in the future.