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Fortnite: Leaks reveal Hawkeye, Green Goblin, Arcane’s playable characters

New Fortnite Skins - Twitter @ShiinaBR

Fortnite fans are hyped seeing more leaks from reputable sources that show Marvel’s Hawkeye and Green Goblin, as well as League of Legend: Arcane’s Vi are coming as playable characters.

The trio of high-profile crossovers might be arriving at the game as soon as this week, according to a report by GameSpot. If not, they should be hitting the Item Shop no later than this month.


The first character to be leaked was Vi from League of Legends’ hit Netflix series Arcane. Last year, Epic Games had collaborated with the TV series and brought Jinx as a playable character into the game. Vi is the sister of Jinx in the show.

Based on the leaks released by prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX, the Vi skin is still in the works, but she will receive her own cosmetic line later on.

Another leaker, iFireMonkey, revealed the items that will be available with the Vi bundle, such as a new loading screen, a pickaxe based on another character, Jayce’s, hammer from Arcane, emote, back bling that resembles a toy rabbit, and the skin itself. To complete the surprise, it seems that Jinx will also be making a return, giving players who didn’t purchase her before a second chance.

The next leaked skins are Marvel characters who recently graced the screens, Disney+ Hawkeye’s Kate Bishop and Hawkeye, or Clint Barton, himself. HYPEX even tweeted a high-quality look at the two skins.

Based on the leaks posted by ShiinaBR, the two Hawkeyes will have their own back bling (“Kate’s Quiver” and “Hawkguy’s Arsenal”), harvesting tools (“Pickroww Bow” and “Taut Slicer”), glider (“Aerial Archer”, and loading screens.

Although there is no information about the pricing of these bundles yet, many expect the bundle to be between 2000-2500 V-Bucks by looking at previous releases.

On top of the two Marvel characters, the iconic Spider-Man villain, Green Goblin, is also leaked to joining the roster with his classic comic-book accurate look by Willem Dafoe. On top of a skin leak, there appear to be in-game leaks as well, posted by HYPEX.

The Green Goblin is likely to arrive in the game on the current update, Season 3 Chapter 1, as the cherry on top of Spider-Man universe contents in the game. It is expected to come with some of his unique gadgets, including thrown bombs and perhaps the glider, and will cost around 1500 V-Bucks.

Just last month, Spider-Man No Way Home skins hit the item shop, before saying goodbye on New Year’s Eve. The bundles included two Peter Parker skins, a Spiderman icon, an MJ skin, MJ’s bookbag bling, a No Way Home-themed hitter, a Web-Slinger, and an Amazing Unmasking emote. The skins cost 2,300 V-bucks.

Meanwhile, a new Eddie Brock Outfit from Venom: Let There Be Carnage was launched back in September 2021, following the release of the film.

While waiting for the confirmation of these skins from Epic Games and the official release dates, enjoy Fortnite on multiple platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android mobile devices.