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Kevin De Bruyne selected on new UFL video game cover, aims to compete with FIFA, eFootball

If there is one gaming industry that is more limited in terms of speed and complexity, it is football video games and simulators. For the last decade, the football simulators section has been heavily dominated by FIFA and The eFootball, previously known as PES. With the launch of Strikerz Inc.’s UFL, it looks forward to providing players with an immersive experience that is challenging and rewarding.

In August 2018, the developers of the UFL launched a statement about their new online football league called “The Ultimate Football League.” It promises to give users the ability to select and create their own club with more than 5,000 licensed players.

Strikerz Inc. CEO Eugene Nashilov stated that most people have been playing video games on consoles for years as football fans. As such, Strikerz knows what fans expect from a football simulator. Strikerz wanted to create something that is truly special and unique for all football fans.

“We want to recreate football video games, starting from the ground up and providing a revolutionary, exciting and fair experience for gamers from all over the world,” the CEO said.

What differentiates UFL from competitors

The basic gameplay mechanics of UFL are similar to those of other football games, such as FIFA and Football Manager. According to Nashilov, the UFL promises to be free to play, but with upgraded features and new competitions. The developers also noted that the game will feature a fair playing experience, focusing on finding talented players.

“Fair to Play” is the core idea of UFL, and it is why the company is targeting FIFA’s Ultimate Team, which has a heavy pay-to-win scheme. They are doing this because they believe that the player’s skill level and experience should not be affected by the amount of money they spend in the game.

The company also believes that the fair-to-play concept will make UFL more attractive to football fans. Its goal is to create an experience that’s both challenging and satisfying.

“The fair-to-play concept also means that we will regularly add new features and updates with no mandatory payments or yearly fees. Free to play is an established distributional model in the gaming industry and one we want to bring to the football simulation genre. We believe the fair-to-play model will make our game much more appealing for all the football lovers out there,” the CEO stated.

UFL’s prospect

If UFL is truly consumer-friendly, then it could be the game that truly changes the way football games are played. Unfortunately, the developers are not ready to provide details about the game’s release date or beta testing.

It’s interesting to see that despite the number of new football games being launched in the market, they still remain uncommon. With the launch of UFL, the developers are already looking to expand the game’s reach beyond the current generation of football games.

According to Nashilov, the goal of UFL is to create a powerful sports brand that can connect fans around the world. The developers hope to create an ecosystem that combines the various online and offline aspects of football through the game.

Despite its massive pitch, UFL is still very much a work in progress. Its goal is to stand out from the rest of the pack and become the most prominent sports game in the market.