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LCK Spring 2022: T1, Gen.G Spring Final predictions

League of Legends professional esports competition in South Korea or the LCK is running its eleventh edition this year. The 2022 LCK Spring Split has come to a sensational finale between T1 and Gen.G on the top bracket of the Spring standings.

T1 in the first place, Gen.G in second and third followed by DWG KIA. The top three have been going on strong throughout the Spring season, even standings no. 4, the DRX finishes with the same score that of DWG KIA.

The exact competitive spirit is taking place between the Kwangdong Freecs and the Fredit BRION running with the same series score, only that the latter was forced to surrender for not being able to field out their team due to COVID-19 related matters.

T1’s dominating performance

T1’s amazing run is reflected in the overall team’s final results, having played 43 games in total and an 84% win rate. This did not come overnight and team rosters deserve all the praise they can get. From T1’s team support Ryu “Keria” Min-seok had 32 kills, 104 deaths, and a whopping 462 assists alongside a 4.8 KDA.

Keria’s performance has made him the MVP of the competition and the rest of his teammates were placed in the All-Pro Team season awards, and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok ranked fourth in the Player of the Game standings.

Faker is perhaps one of the best mid laner for T1, recording 160 kills, 81 deaths, and 235 assists. Faker also had a 4.9 KDA and a creep score of 280.51

Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong is the team’s ADC and undoubtedly an expert bottom laner during the Spring competition.

Gumayusi ended up with 219 kills, 83 deaths, and 241 assists with 5.5 KDA. Gumayusi’s performance in the playoffs perhaps was much better, having 4.67 kills, 0.67 deaths, and 7.67 assists per map. His 18.5 KDA complemented by a 273.33 creep score makes the player a valuable addition to T1.

Gen.G’s could be better

Gen.G finished up the competition with only three points behind standing leader T1 and a 15-3 series score. Taking T1 would be a difficult task for Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon and co. after defeating T1 back in the fourth week 2-0 and yet another defeat in the seventh week 2-0.

While Gen.G had managed to defeat one of the biggest runners-up contenders, DWG Kia on the first 2-1 and eighth week 2-1, Gen.G undoubtedly did the impossible to most South Korean teams. With that being said, the team’s confidence in winning over DWG Kia must be passed on later against T1.

Gen.G had Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon as the team’s mid laner and has helped the team efficiently in doing his role. Recording 141 kills, 41 deaths, and 196 assists alongside 8.2 KDA in 32 games played. Additionally, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk helped the team as its bot laner, having 147 kills, 51 deaths, and 191 assists complemented by 6.6 KDA. The player occasionally had shown ADC tendencies throughout the competition.

T1, Gen.G match predictions

Both T1 and Gen.G are efficient in the mid and bot lanes. However, based on stats and the Spring season performance, T1 could have claimed victory from Gen.G, with only two points left and T1 would have reached 20 on the series score.

Not to mention that T1 does not have a single defeat or draw throughout the competition. None also came up close to T1’s final series score. T1 would have double victories against Gen.G later on. While the winning odds for Gen.G are either coming up close on T1 or margin-wide defeat.