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Psyonix to release esports-themed Goal Explosions in Rocket League on June 22

Psyonix has added new eye-pleasing updates to Rocket League, featuring top professional esports teams from four different regions. A new esports-themed Goal Explosion collection is set to be added to its Esports Shop on June 22.

The new Goal Explosions are released in celebration of the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2021-22 Spring Major, which will be held from June 29 to July 3.

The new Goal Explosions feature esports teams such as Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan, FURIA, and more.

Celebrating RLCS 2021-22 Spring Major

The Spring Major in London is only one week away. The tournament is the final Major this year. Its S-Tier counterpart, Rocket League World Championship, will take place in August in Fort Worth at the Dickies Arena.

“RLCS teams have exploded their way into the Rocket League Esports Shop with 19 new Goal Explosions and are available starting on June 22, just in time to gear up for the RLCS Spring Major. Rock your favorite team on the pitch every time you slot home a game winner,” Psyonix said.

The new Goal Explosions will feature a total of 19 teams from four different regions, and each item will cost 500 Esports Tokens.

Psyonix has yet to announce the release date of the new Goal Explosion. Meanwhile, multiple sources reported that the new collection would remain until Psyonix removes them sometime in the future.

The teams featured in the Goal Explosions are the following.

Europe: Dignitas, Endpoint, Evil Geniuses, Karmine Corp, Misfits Gaming, SMPR Esports, Team BDS, and Team Vitality.

North America: Complexity, Envy, FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, Ghost Gaming, NRG, Spacestation Gaming, and Version1.

Oceania: Ground Zero Gaming and Renegades.

South America: FURIA.

More about Rocket League’s Esports Shop

The esports-themed Goal Explosions can only be purchased using Esports Tokens, an exclusive currency made for the shop. Players acquire Esports Tokens by purchasing various bundles.

Upon entering the game, Esports Shop is accessible via Item Shop, the game’s regular shop. A separate Esports tab will then pop up, and a catalog of esports-related items will be shown on the screen.

Rocket League’s new esports Goal Explosions are all made available without using the usual shop rotation system, meaning that listed items will remain as long as they are featured. In other words, players will have to make sure not to miss them.

Details on World Championship

With only a Major away from the game’s World Championship, Psyonix has opened its ticket purchase window since June 3.

This year’s World Championship will be the biggest tournament Psyonix ever hold. Previously, the annual grand event ran for only three days. The organizers have decided the event would for ten days, split into two phases starting on August 4.

The first phase is the Wildcard, pitting 16 teams to compete in the Swiss format for eight limited spots in the next stage.

In the second stage, teams will compete in a double-elimination group. The top four from each group will proceed to a high-stake single-elimination bracket for the Rocket League World Championship title.