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Rocket League Sideswipe now available for iOS, Android

Rocket League Sideswipe - Photo Youtube

Rocket League Sideswipe has officially come to mobile platforms.

According to a report from 9to5mac, iOS and Android users around the world are now able to play the mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe following the initial preseason earlier this month.

The mobile version of the popular auto-based football game uses touch controls that are easy for players to master, equipped with advanced control mechanisms for a better gaming experience.

The biggest difference that players can see from this game is the 3D view converted to a 2D perspective. In addition, a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen is used to control the car while the buttons on the right have functions to jump and boost.

Since its initial release in 2015, it has drawn and continually attracts more than 50,000 concurrent stream players every day.

Available game modes are including “Soccar” and the basketball-style “Hoops.” There are also online matches played via Epic Games account that enable players to get additional XP in both the regular Rocket League game and Sideswipe.

During the pre-season, the developer Psyonix decided to roll out the game in Oceania as part of their beta launch program. As for now, Android and Apple users are now able to download the game on the Google Play Store and App Store for free.

Players can play solo or in a team which is two-on-two matches that require two minutes to finish each. They also need an Epic Games account to play online matches.

Just like the non-mobile version, this game also has a ranking system that provides options for car customization. There are also Rocket Pass and cosmetics which are available to purchase in this app.

Furthermore, the display in the official video gameplay looks similar to the pre-season trailer but it has been adjusted for a much simpler online game.

Tips to Play

If players especially beginners are interested to play this game, they need to consider the following tips.

The game developer has provided a single button on the game that supports players to jump and boost simultaneously.

Since it’s inactivated by default, players need to activate it by tapping the cogwheel in the main menu in the upper right of the screen, and then selecting ‘Game Settings’ and also ‘Configure’ at the top.

Afterward, they have to tap and check ‘Enabled’ at the red marked option that appears on the screen.

The next tip is that players can play the game with a controller which can be connected with their phones or tablets through a Bluetooth connection.

Talking about rules in this game, players should remember some basic strategies, such as not to pursue the ball too much or do excessive maneuvers unless they get an open opportunity to score before being bested by their opponents.

Pre-season Stage

The game is still in the pre-season stage which enables players to get used to the game and unclose customization items.

It also provides Psyonix to have more feedback and data that will be important to evaluate the experience of playing this game.

The developer said more details about the game would be announced immediately along with the launch of Season One.