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Ukraine: Na’Vi to remain in Kyiv, ‘not going to leave the country’

Ukraine-based professional esports organization Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) revealed in a statement that the vast majority of the organization’s employees are not leaving Ukraine amidst the ongoing Russian invasion.

Na’Vi was founded back in 2009 with various gaming divisions from CS:GO to DOTA 2 among others. Headquartered in Kyiv, the capital and most populated city of Ukraine, Na’Vi’s decision to remain and not leave the country has worried others as the invasion continues.

However, it appears that the decision is to help Ukraine’s Armed Forces in territorial defense and play its part as the citizens of Ukraine.

“The war continues. Now every resident of Ukraine, including the NAVI employees, is doing everything possible. They protect the cities as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defenсe, provide assistance in Ukraine as volunteers, or simply take care of loved ones,” Na’Vi said in a statement.

Na’Vi’s stance

While Na’Vi has confirmed in the statement that their employees are doing anything they can to protect the city, it remains unclear as to when the organization will determine whether to stay, flee or in general the fate of the majority of its more than 90% of employees.

“NAVI is a Ukrainian club founded in 2009 in Kyiv. More than 90% of our employees are now in Ukraine and are not going to leave the country. We take people out of the most dangerous regions and help them find housing,” the statement reads.

“On our cars, volunteers daily deliver humanitarian aid around Kyiv and the region, and all NAVI clothes are distributed to people who spend the second week in cold bomb shelters, to children in hospitals and orphanages.”

Moreover, Na’Vi also has confirmed to resume its work as usual in esports soon from covering matches as well as being active on social media.

In addition, the organization will return to the “normal mode of operation” and at the same time keep on speaking up about the Russian invasion.

“NAVI as a club will soon restore its work in the format that is available under the given circumstances. We will start covering matches, posting videos and communicating on social media,” the statement continues.

“The return to the “normal” mode of operation does not mean that we will stop talking about the events in the country, pretending that everything is fine. Now more than ever it is important to speak up about what is happening here and support each other. Hopefully, in March we will launch several projects in support of the population of Ukraine. We hope for your understanding and support.”

Changes, Na’Vi’s future

Na’Vi’ has revealed the organization had cut off ties with some of its partners, one of which is a Russian commercial bank based in Moscow, Tinkoff Bank. In Na’Vi’s words it “cannot work with brands that are oriented at the market of the aggressor country”.

The Ukraine-based organization will also revise its personnel policy which would affect rosters or changes in its teams. Furthermore, whether Na’Vi will refrain from using Russian players in its teams across all gaming divisions remains unclear.