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Call of Duty League 2022: Format, schedule, current standings

Call of Duty League or CDL is a professional esports league for Activision’s global hit FPS series Call of Duty. In 2022, the CDL returns for its third season since the competition’s inception in 2020. This time around, the CDL 2022 takes players to fight in the World War II settings of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The CDL 2022 features 12 teams alongside returning stars and familiar faces in the CDL scene. the competition also provides an intensely competitive yet entertaining show from all contenders, regardless of being played through online qualifiers or LAN in the North American region.

With this year’s CDL is currently up and running, below is the competition’s information, from the format, schedule, and anything CDL-related.

Schedule, format, current standings

CDL 2022 features a hybrid format competition of online and LAN, with four regular-season majors, one midseason, and the championship weekend. Each regular-season major consisted of online qualifiers and LAN tournaments hosted individually by the selected franchise on their “home turf”.

Each regular-major consists of four weeks of games, with the first three, are set to be qualifying games, having each team prescheduled five online matches against randomly picked teams.

Going on from there, the first LAN major is hosted by OpTic Texas where top teams are set to compete in a single weekend live bracket LAN play right in front of fans. The same format for the regular-season majors employs the same, only that the select individual franchise is hosting each major LAN tournament sets the difference.

As for the postseason of CDL 2022, the organizer employed major changes to this year’s playoffs and champs. Starting from only eight top-performing teams will enter playoffs with the top two seeds will no longer have to worry about “byes” and the bottom, two seeds are no longer set to start in the losers bracket. The major change is that all of these eight teams will start in the first winners round.

Additionally, the organizer planned to have midseason tournaments this year. Simply, this is CDL’s version of a pro-am tournament, alongside an event for Warzone where CDL pro players, streamers, and influencers are invited to partake.

The schedule for the whole competition runs as follows:

Major I — Online Qualifiers (February 4-20) and LAN Tournament hosted by OpTic Texas (March 3-6);

Major II — Online Qualifiers (March 11-27) and LAN Tournament hosted by Minnesota RØKKR (March 31-April 3);

Midseason — Starting with the Online event of All-Star Weekend (April 9-10), Online Warzone Pacific Tournament (April 24), and LAN Pro-Am Classic with a yet to be announced location (May 5-8);

Major III — Online Qualifiers (May 13-29) and LAN Tournament hosted by Toronto Ultra (June 2-5);

Major IV — Online Qualifiers (July 1-17) and LAN Tournament hosted by New York Subliners (July 21-24);

and lastly, Championship Weekend with information surrounding dates and location has yet to be announced by the organizer.

With the regular season is underway, Atlanta Faze is leading the standings with 180 CDL points, followed by OpTic Texas with 165 and London Royal Ravens in the third position with 130.