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LCS 2022 Spring Split Week 4: Cloud9, Golden Guardians dominate competition

The League Championship Series 2022 is preparing to enter its fifth week. Throughout the first four weeks, teams continuously tried to show that they were worthy of the North American throne. Understandably, some of the League of Legends teams were dominating in their new environments, while others plummeted in terms of their performances and became the bottom dwellers of the standings.

Throughout the season, one team continued to shine above all and that brilliant team is Cloud9. This best team swept through the super week with perfect results in these past three games. Without further ado, below are the best players for the LCS 2022 Spring Split week 4.

Summit of Cloud9

South Korean Cloud9 top laner Summit has been the star of the championship. Last weekend, the week four LCS Spring Split Player of the Week dominated the League of Legends discourse, having displayed a stark performance in a 3-0 week for his team.

Summit also showed his flexibility in playing with different champions this past weekend, having used Graves, Jayce, and Gnar in three games. Cloud9 jungler Blaber was definitely helped by Summit’s constant pressure, decimating their top lane opponents in the early stages of the three games.

Dealing 680 damage per minute, 33.4 percent of Cloud9’s damage for the whole week came from Summit. According to Oracle’s Elixir, Summit also managed to hold possession of an 11-CS lead at 10 minutes. The 23-year-old early-split MVP candidate also committed 15 kills and 18 assists throughout the super week.

Summit has been consistent in his performance, helping his team flourish with his leads in top lane. The team is now tied for first in the LCS 2022 Spring Split. Summit will only need to continue performing the way he did to help his team gain their fifth LCS Split title.

Blaber of Cloud9

During the past week, 22-year-old superstar Jungler Blaber played Hecarim three times in a row, facing top teams Dignitas, 100 Thieves, and FlyQuest. He recorded a league-leading 36 assists and a 10.5 KDA ratio. Blaber was very active throughout the whole map, being involved in 76.4 percent of Cloud9 kills. He started skirmishes then K.O.d his enemies, dealing the third-highest average damage to champions per minute in the role.

Fudge of Cloud9

Fudge swapped to the mid lane for the 2022 season of the championship and he proved that he is worthy of the position. Like his Jungler teammate Blaber, Fudge is one of the two players remaining from the team’s 2021 roster. Throughout his first nine games, he played eight different champions, recording 17 kills, 24 assists, and a single death on the build-up to a 41 KDA this weekend.

Lost of Golden Guardians

The New Zealand marksman had an unsuccessful stint at TSM and found a sanctuary in Golden Guardians. Lost has been one of the players that helped Golden Guardians climb from a bottom-tier team into a playoff contender. As of now, the team is tied for third place.

Lost is currently second in overall kills for the season at 38. Last weekend, Lost recorded the highest overall kill share at 48.6 percent as well as the third-highest kill participation at 65.7 percent.