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Rocket League: Endpoint, Queso, Dignitas prepare for RLCS Winter Major

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2021-22 Winter Major begins today and some of the world’s best Rocket League teams are more than prepared to take on other professional teams as the competition progresses from March 23-27.

Some of the UK talents set to participate are namely from three professional Rocket League esports organizations such as Endpoint (team captain RelatingWave and head coach Eclipse), Dignitas (ApparentlyJack and Scrub Killa), and lastly Team Queso (Joyo, Rise, and Noah).

In an interview by Esports News UK with Scottish caster Adam “Craftman” Stewart last year, RelatingWave or Lucas Rose shared his excitement about the RLCS this year prior to the League’s announcement of a live crowd.

“Considering it was my first proper LAN, it was crazy. Having no crowd there made it less exciting than it could have been, but the studio was incredible,” RelatingWave said. “We’ve been told some secret stuff (future events), there’s exciting times to come – hopefully in the future there will be a crowd, that players can interact with. Psyonix has some exciting plans.”

Competition format, participating teams

The RLCS this year will not only feature a live crowd but also the first-ever LAN event since the RLCS Season 8 in late 2019. Moreover, there are 15 teams set to compete in the five-day-long competition.

The RLCS organizer has confirmed this year the competition will employ robin matches, much more specifically three groups of four teams and one group of three teams will compete in the said competition match format.

Each team that manages to finish first on their respective group will be eligible to proceed to the upper bracket. While those in the second and third will move to the lower bracket. Lastly, elimination is given for those in fourth.

After eliminating three out of the 15 teams, the remaining 12 teams will proceed to RLCS’ modified double-elimination playoffs bracket. The playoffs bracket is the last leg of the race and 12 teams will compete for the RLCS Winter Major championship.

As mentioned previously, there will be 15 teams set to compete this year from five regions, namely Asia-Pacific (Detonator), Europe (Dignitas, Endpoint, Evil Geniuses, Team BDS, and Team Queso), North America (FaZe Clan, G2 Esports, NRG, Spacestation Gaming, and Version1), Oceania (Pioneers and Renegades), and South America (FURIA and Team Secret).

Worth mentioning that professional Saudi Arabian esports organization, Sandrock Gaming is technically qualified to participate in RLCS Winter Major this year, representing the Middle East and North Africa regions. However, the team is unable to attend due to personal reasons and visa issues, according to an announcement by Rocket League developer Psyonix.

Live stream

The organizer has prepared a live stream from March 23-25 for the competition, mainly on both Rocket League’s official Twitch account and YouTube channel.

The group stage and lower round of the playoffs will be broadcasted by RLEsports on Twitch as the competition’s alternate live stream.

In addition, Epic Games also has scheduled live watch parties in Fortnite in-game creative mode in accordance with the competition’s schedule.