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The Last Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Groups Stage Matches are Underway

2019 Global StarCraft II League

The Global StarCraft II League Season 3 is underway, with half of the matches in the group stage already over. Eight players have already secured safe passage to the second group stage, which just like the first one is played in a dual tournament format. All the matches consist of a best-of-three series, until the […]

The Best League of Legends Teams Compete in the Rift Rivals Asia


Rift Rivals Asia begins on Thursday, just a few days after the best European and North American teams played in the Rift Rivals NA vs EU competition. This weekend, it is time for the South Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese players to shine and League of Legends fans can expect four days of quality entertainment. […]

The Rift Rivals Event Pits the Best NA Teams against the Europeans

Rift Rivals

It is time for the second most important League of Legends event of the year, as the Rift Rivals tournament begins on Thursday evening. The best three North American teams will play against three top opponents from Europe, for their region and a share of the guaranteed prize pool. The Rift Rivals NA vs EU […]

Counter Strike Global Offensive ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals Playoffs

Counter Strike Global Offensive ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals Playoffs

The ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals is the most important Counter Strike Global Offensive event of June. The competition brought together some of the best teams in the world, with 16 squads competing for a guaranteed prize pool of $600,000. The event started on June 18 with the group stage, which was played in […]

European League of Legend Fans Gear Up for the LEC Week 2 Matches


The opening round of the European League of Legend Championship has brought back into the spotlight some familiar faces. A few underdogs have managed to cause upsets, but overall the results were rather predictable. LEC Week 2 matches show a lot of promise for both LoL fans and punters, with an eclectic mix of lopsided […]

Try Unikrn UMode and Earn Money Playing Games 🥇


Unikrn Esports is one of the innovative bookmakers that have brought new concepts to the highly competitive sports betting industry. Unikrn UMode is such a concept that allows people to earn money playing games and place bets on their own matches. As a premier destination for sports betting, it has changed the way bonuses are […]