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League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2018 Semifinals » Betting Tips


League of Legends fans have had an excellent year and they have high expectations for what 2019 might bring. Major tournaments have crowned several winners throughout the year and it all culminated with the World Championship of November. This month, there is a single tournament of great magnitude underway and it goes by the name […]

Soulkey Defeats Sharp in the Korea StarCraft League Final


The most anticipated match of the StarCraft League Season 2 took place on Sunday and the winner was crowned. Soulkey has dominated his opponents throughout the tournament and qualified once again for the final act of a major tournament. His superior experience and the flawless track record made him favourite against Sharp, with Rivalry pricing […]

League of Legends Demacia Cup 2018 » Betting Predictions


League of Legends fans have apparently ran out of major tournaments to watch during this time of the year. After crowning the best teams in the world in November, professional players have largely returned to their streams on Twitch and YouTube. This month however, there is one tournament that shows a lot of promise not […]

HGC in Danger as Blizzard Scales down Heroes of the Storm


The entire Heroes of the Storm community was shocked by the announcement made by Blizzard Entertainment on social media at the beginning of the week. The manner in which the company chose to let everyone know that it plans on allocating fewer resources to its flagship MOBA was also deeply troubling. Last but definitely not […]

WESG 2018 North-West Europe and Poland » Betting Tips


The World Electronic Sports Games is a massive tournament organized by AliSports and hosted in Shanghai every year. It brings together some of the best Counter Strike Global Offensive players from all over the world and rewards those who perform well for their countries. The event is special because the participating teams have to be […]

2018 KSL Soulkey vs Sharp Final » Betting Predictions


The final act of the Korea StarCraft League Season 2 will unfold on December 1. The two finalists are players who had to overcome a lot of adversity throughout the tournament and cause several upsets. Both were big underdogs in the semifinals, but managed to beat the odds and on Sunday will fight for a […]